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Why Charter Owners Love Working With Book More Charters


Flat Rates

Fixed, flat rates mean there’s no guesswork when it comes to your marketing budget.

No Booking Fees

Never paying booking fees means you get to keep 100% of the proceeds from your trips.

No Competing for Customers

Avoid competing with everyone at the marina or on the same tired-looking, outdated directory sites.

Customers See A Row of Boats

Unless YOU Get To Them First!

Make sure your boat stands out from the crowd

How It Works

1 – Target The Right People

Just like a quality fishing outing starts with knowing where to fish, quality marketing starts with targeting only your best charter bookers. The right targeting means your chances for success skyrocket.

You can only fish where the fish are – why would it be any different when it comes to marketing to your best prospects?


2 – Choose The Right “Bait”

Once you know who to target, you need the right “bait” to attract them to your charter. Fish can only eat the food they can find, and customers can only book with your charter if they know about you. 

3 – Attract The Right Bookers

Different bait appeals to different fish – and your advertising is like bait on a hook.

By putting as many “baited hooks in the water” as possible, you increase your likelihood of catching your customer’s interest and sending them to your dedicated booking page.

4 – Set The Hook (Get Customers To Book!)

You can’t afford to get only nibbles…you have to set the hook.

Your dedicated booking page is optimized to help visitors book with ease. Visitors that don’t book immediately see your offer through retargeted advertising until they “bite.”

5 – Show Off Your Prize Catches

Turn your best bookers into even better reviews with a fully-automated Customer and Reputation Management System.

Automatically generate real, positive online reviews on social media, travel sites, and other places online so you can focus on booking more trips – not chasing down reviews!

Choose the Right Package for Your Charter Growth Needs

Convenient, Transparent Packaging and Pricing

Mackerel Package for Smaller Charters

The MACKEREL Package Includes:

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Custom Webpage
  • Automated Booking (optional)

Get Seen At Least 2.5K Times Per Day

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Mahi Package for Independent Charters

(Most Popular Package)

The MAHI Package Includes:

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Custom Webpage
  • Automated Booking
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Customer Management System (optional)

Get Seen At Least 7.5K Times Per Day

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Marlin Package for Larger Charters or Fleets

The MARLIN Package Includes: 

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Custom Website
  • Automated Booking
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Customer Management System
  • Dedicated Online Chat Agent (optional)
  • SEO (optional) 

Get Seen At Least 15K Times Per Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know It Works?

You’re here, aren’t you? Well, we use the exact same proven methods that got you to this very page to drive customers to your dedicated booking page. The proof is in your reading this very sentence. 

No Booking Fees? Really?

Yes, really!

We are an advertising agency, not a fishing charter company.

We believe that our clients deserve to keep 100% of the revenue from the charters they book and work so hard to make happen. 


How Do You Promote My Charter?

First – all of your advertising, content, and landing page feature your logo and branding to ensure customers are familiar with your charter. 

In addition, the MAHI and MARLIN packages offer charters the opportunity for Marina exclusivity.


What Happens When I Fill Up All My Bookings?

First – congratulations on a hugely positive problem!

Second – all the clicks, calls, and customers coming to you belong to you, so you can sell those leads for profit to your buddies at the marina who need the extra customers.


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